Here are two current projects created by past and present members of the YCS and YCW in Vietnam and Australia.

Melbourne YCW

Youth Food Project

Youth project leaders: Achut (l), Tiyami (c) and Julianne Nguyen (r).
“The Youth Food Project are a group of humans who care about the local community (Brimbank/western suburbs of Melbourne), who care about the health of the environment, health of ourselves and of each other.

We bring the light and truth of the amount of food we throw away and try and to share a new perspective how we can reuse, shop better and local to reduce our environmental footprint. This is done by running experiential cooking workshops(and of course eating straight afterwards!) and having a discussion on eating well, having enough and how we can motivate others to be conscious of the environment.

In essence, we educate, encourage each other to use food to connect, bond and bring humans to talk about their own lives, their experiences to be conscious of their actions and relationships with food and the broader community.”

L to R: Lily, Achut, Julianne, Tiyami, Adau and Trinh

Youth Promotion Company Ltd, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Youth Promotion Company Ltd is a company founded by former YCS leader, Ms Tran My Chi, in 2005 to provide employment and generate income for young women.

Since then, it has developed a reputation as a leading supplier of school uniforms, sporting outfits and the like under the brand name, Q-art.


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Q-art is a trademark of Youth Promtion Co. Ltd.